Manaslu Summit Attempt

manaslu camp

After climbing camp 1 next we will be climbing to camp 2 at 6,250 metres (20,500 feet), which is at the top of the Manaslu Icefall and reached via a small steep snow step. Camp 2 is in rolling terrain and there are lots of places to camp. We will spend a few days acclimatizing around Camp 2 and adjusting to the altitude.

When we are feeling good and ready we will hike up to camp 3 at 6,800 metres (22,300 feet) for the day and enjoy the lovely views. Then we go back to basecamp for a good solid rest and recuperation. We could even go down to the interesting temple filled religious pilgrimage village of Samagaon at 3,690 metres (12,106 feet) to breath some thicker air for a few days.

Finally, we are ready to go for the summit. We will climb up through camps 1, 2, 3, and up to camp 4, the highest camp at 7,450 metres (24,440 feet).

We will sleep in Camp 4, then wake up at midnight. Summit day is very easy for an 8000 metre peak. It’s a large gentle snow ramp with a little snow cone at the top, from which you can see the incredible views of Annapurna. Such a lovely mountain with a very easy summit day.

Please Note: There was a bad avalanche on Manaslu in 2012. At the time, many teams were camping high on the mountain during and after a massive snowstorm. Both Dhaulagiri and Manaslu (and Annapurna) are in the snow belt of Central West Nepal. They get giant snow storms. Since 2012 there is much more awareness of the fact that when a snow blizzard comes in, we have to retreat to basecamp and wait it out for a few days. Since this heightened awareness post 2012 avalanche, the huge snow blizzards have continued, but the people are not camping right in them, so there have been no fatalities.

Basecamp is below the snow line during peak climbing season of September/October. Thus, Manaslu has become the most popular of the 8000 metre peaks after Everest climb, and Manaslu, the world’s 8th highest peak, is the world’s easiest 8000 metre peak, with zero technical climbing. It’s just a snow hike. 

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