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Lobuche climb cost

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost: $2950

The cost of climbing Lobuche Peak is affordable and can also be accomplished by a fit trekker.

6 April to 23 April

20 April to 7 May

1 November to 18 November

3 January to 20 January

7 February to 24 February

7 March to 24 March


Our Trek Toward Lobuche

The first destination on our trek is Zamfute, which involves walking downhill for 3-5 hours through ancient forests until reaching the guesthouse at 2610 m (8560 ft). The innkeepers are very friendly, and their lodge is situated by the Dudh Khosi River.

We will walk along the river, passing through picturesque villages, and enter the Everest National Park Gate.

We will then cross several swinging steel cable suspension bridges and hike up Namche Hill through pine forests until arriving at Namche Bazaar. After acclimating in Namche and taking in the sights of Ama Dablam and Everest, we will head down to the town center.

Our journey will then take us along the ridges above the Dudh Khosi River, into the Phungki Thangka Valley, and up to Tengboche Monastery.

Finally, we will ascend the Deboche Valley to Pangboche Village at 3985m (13,050 ft). As we gain elevation, our days will become shorter, and we will only hike for 3–4 hours to reach Dingboche Village at 4,410 m (14,450 ft).

The village is located on the Island Peak River, and it offers good agriculture and a pleasant environment. One day is dedicated to acclimatization, during which we will walk up to 5000 meters (16,400 feet) on a grassy ridge that has lovely views of Ama Dablam, Tawoche, and other peaks.

Our next destination is Lobuche Peak Basecamp at 4800 meters (15,740 feet), which is situated in a beautiful grassy meadow. We will make a long, sweeping trek past alpine lakes and over grassy ridges until we reach Cho Valley.


Climbing Lobuche Peak Summit

Ascend along the steep ridges on grassy trails to reach Lobuche High Camp at 5400 m (17,700 ft).

The journey is marked by striking views as you walk on the famous grassy rocky slopes up to the rocky sandy beach on the banks of Lobuche High Camp Lake.

Depending upon the teams, some may set up their high camp at the lake while others may choose to pitch their tents on the large rock plateau above it.

Start with climbing on rock slabs, followed by clipping onto fixed lines, traversing snow slopes, and eventually scaling up the well-secured rope system along Lobuche glacier. This area features a few small crevasses, but it’s mainly a steep snow field.

Finally, move forward to gain access to the distant long ridge, which will take you via sturdy ropes to the upper slopes of Lobuche East.

Very rarely, teams will have ropes fixed along the corniced ridge to reach Lobuche Upper Peak. However, 95% of teams stop at Lobuche East Peak, which reaches 6119 m (20,075 ft).

Enjoy mesmerizing views of the entire Khumbu Valley, including Everest, Ama Dablam, Makalu, and other beautiful peaks, from this vantage point. Afterward, descend back to Lobuche Village or carry on to Everest Base Camp as per your plan.


Season to climb Lobuche

Lobuche Peak can be climbed any time, but if you are looking for the best season to climb it, it is March, April, May, and November.

In November, we can see a clear sky with sunny days but cool nights. However, in March and April, it’s a bit warmer and has a few clouds as well.

So, it climbed in March, April, May, and November.


How to Reach Lobuche East Peak

When your plane lands in Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal), enter the airport terminal. You will get a visa on arrival. It’s given by one of the friendly immigration clerks in the arrival hall.

Two to four passport-sized photos are required, and you must carry $500 in cash with you. Head towards the baggage hall, don’t forget to pick up your luggage, and then exit the terminal.

Our staff members will be there to pick you up outside the airport. Flying to Lukla is thrilling! Upon reaching Lukla’s airport at 2860m (9380 ft), we will claim our baggage and head to Lukla’s famous lodge for dinner before beginning our trek through the Khumbu Valley.


Equipment Required To Climb

Are you curious about the equipment you need for the Lobuche Peak climb? You can either buy it at home or in Kathmandu.

You can get it on rent at a very affordable price. Similarly, you can purchase a new one as well as a second-hand one. Here is the list of equipment needed to trek Lobuche Peak:

Thick, warm down jacket

A normal trekking cloth

Gloves for rope work

Warm insulated trousers

Warm mitts

windproof and waterproof Goretex shell cloth

Warm hat

Sun hat

Ankle-high trekking shoes

Snow boots

Ice axe




head torch with extra batteries



Water bottles (3 in quantity, at least 1 liter each)


Sleeping bag


Reasons to Undertake It

Lobuche East Peak is for the fit trekker. If you would like to be a trekking peak climber, then this trek is perfect for you. Just like the Island Peak climb, it just takes a single day from basecamp to reach the summit of Lobuche Peak. There is more green, pristine alpine beauty in Lobuche than Island Peak.

From Dugla teahouses along the Everest base camp trek to the base camp of Lobuche, there are pretty lakes and traversing grassy meadows.

Lobuche is known for its gorgeous grassy base camp in the fields near Dzhongla Tea Houses.

A few distances from Lobuche, we practice rock climbing as there is a small rock cliff. The adventure trekking route to the Cho La Pass takes us to Lobuche Peak.

We can find a picturesque lake along with a lovely high camp. Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse can be viewed from the summit of Lobuche Peak.



Is it preferable to ascend Lobuche during the middle of October?

 Similar to many mountains in Nepal, the ideal time to climb Lobuche East is either in the spring or fall. These seasons provide the most favorable weather conditions for climbing. SummitClimb offers expeditions to Lobuche East during April, May, and November, and also provides customized trips in October.


What is the duration of the Lobuche climb?

 The ascent of Loboche East typically requires a stay of 18 days in Nepal. For climbers who wish to visit Everest Base Camp in addition to climbing Lobuche East, it is recommended to allocate at least 22 days for the entire journey.


What equipment is necessary for climbing Lobuche?

 In order to reach the summit of Lobuche East, climbers must possess specialized equipment for high-altitude climbing. Some of the essential items include crampons, climbing boots, a harness, an ice axe, an ascender, a helmet, and arctic weight down clothing.


Is it worthwhile to scale Lobuche mountain?

Lobuche East is an ideal starting point for mountaineering in Nepal. Climbers will have the opportunity to explore the iconic Khumbu Valley and conquer a relatively “manageable” peak at 6000m, while enjoying breathtaking views of Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and numerous other Himalayan peaks. A journey to Lobuche East can serve as a beginner’s first major mountain climb, or it can serve as a practice peak to prepare for more challenging goals, such as Everest.


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