My Favourite National Park in Spain

Doana National Park

Doana National Park

The Doana National Park is a must-visit destination for bird lovers and nature lovers. It’s located on the southwest border of Spain. You can take various activities in this area, such as a day trip to Seville or a weekend trip to Malaga. If you are a photographer, then you might want to try taking pictures of wildlife. There are various animals that live in this area, such as wild boars, wild cats, Iberian lynx, and otters. After hiking, you might want to head to the beach, where you can enjoy some sun. Both Rompeculos and Matalascaas beaches are known for their warm and golden waters.

Monte Perdido National Park

The Monte Perdido National Park is located along the border of Spain and France, and it features numerous peaks and valleys. One of these is Mount Perdido, the third-tallest peak in the region and has several summits reaching over 11,000 feet. This is a must-visit for hikers. Its numerous multi-day and single-day trips are also known to be very popular. This region is known for its beautiful views and various activities such as hiking and rappelling. One of the most popular activities in the park is the Ordesa Valley, which is a glacial region. The French-Spanish border is also a natural boundary that’s part of a park called the Llanos de Aridane. Pic de Marboré is a tranquil area that’s located in southern France.

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Sierras de la Cazorla Nature Park

Segura Castle, Cerrada de Elías, and Los Calares del Mundo y de la Sima Natural Park are all within an hour’s drive of Granada. Within the park, several areas offer their unique natural sights and activities. For instance, Sierra de Castril Natural Park is home to gorgeous limestone cliffs and deep, explorable caves; it is also known for impeccable bird spotting opportunities and scenic vistas. Similarly, Inicio Ruta Río Borosa provides a lovely path through a gorge to a large swimming hole (frequently referred to as a lagoon).

Walking along rivers, over fantastic bridges, and through wonderfull settings. On the way  hikers will say “popular yet secluded gem!” The Sierras de la Cazorla, Spain’s largest protected region, is home to infinite rivers and waterfalls, sharp gorges, deep valleys, lofty mountains, thick forests, and striking rock formations. Take a look up at the sky once dusk falls after a day of hiking and exploration in the park. You can view millions of stars on a clear night!

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